Suzanne Duncan is a behavioural and mindset coach who helps create change through personal and professional growth.

“An inspiring personal testament that a single parent can rock it!”

Nikki ArnoldAuthor ofPositivithink™
“Suzanne Duncan captures the vicissitudes of family life in deeply moving and relatable terms. All by Myself & Rocking It! is enriched with practical insights on single – parenting.”
Berns David LucanasAuthor of Time Is Up!
“This is a great resource for all single parents. Practical advice is combined with nurturing kindness. I would highly recommend this book to my patients.”
Dr. Christine Taylor
“Every person’s story through loss or separation is different. Suzanne takes you through how she overcame the personal challenges faced in her bid to return to a normal family life. Read it. Digest it. Let it stimulate your thinking that may help you understand (and possibly help you overcome) the challenges that you are facing or have faced.”
Steve LittlejohnProud father of one
“A wonderfully comprehensive guide to not only surviving but also thriving in the single – parenting world. A must read that I wish I’d had access to during my marriage separation.”
Emma HargreavesMum of two
“When life doesn’t go according to plan, we can often feel that we’re on our own. As a single parent in a new stage of life, Suzanne guarantees that you won’t be alone. The choices you make today will determine your opportunities for tomorrow. This book will encourage you to look at your life with a sense of possibility and optimism so that you’re in the best place possible to create the future you desire for you and your children. Heartfelt, inspiring,and lived.”
Nicole DavidsonAuthor of How to Put the Balance in Your Business - An Owner’s Guide to Having It Allwww.nicoledavidson.com
“Suzanne’s book gives a raw, real, honest, and holistic insight to transitioning into becoming a single parent. The book offers parents tools to be able to manage the challenges and pitfalls in the journey that lies ahead. It highlights possible impacts on children during this time and gives parents the guidance to be able to provide certainty, and help them through this transition with as little impact as possible to their children. A great read and a must have for any parent transitioning into being a single parent.”
Lesley Bantonhttps://www.facebook.com/Theparentwhisperer/
“All by Myself and Rocking It is a very inspiring read, and as a divorced single parent of almost five years, Suzanne’s book is very close to home. I loved reading about her brave journey and how she has succeeded in the face of adversity. This gives me hope and makes me feel excited about life and all the possibilities and adventures that lie before us. I love how she quotes ‘the opportunity to blossom again is within your grasp,’ because there is so much truth here, which I have certainly learnt this along my own journey. Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your stories and all the encouraging advice and hopeful affirmations.”
Bianca CoetzerHum Photographywww.humphotography.com.au
“I feel this book is written with so much love. Every word touched my heart so much that my tears could not stop flowing as I moved on through the pages. The author has put it so forwardly the feeling of separation, courage, and decision to change and actions to moving on, as she quoted ‘Love to LEARN, GROW to give and be excited to EVOLVE.’ I couldn’t agree more. Life is a continuous learning and growing. When we give, we will receive too. It’s a journey of discovery!”
Janty WidjajaMother of two

“My life coaching sessions with Suzanne has been a very rewarding journey and has helped me in achieving clearer goals with more direction in my life. With Suzanne’s gentle and positive coaching sessions she helped me realize my full potential. She instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease and was so easy to talk to.

Thank you Suzanne for your patience, guidance and helping me see my true value and self-worth.”


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