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Feeling stuck professionally? Personally? Empower yourself with these 3 simple steps


Feeling stuck in your professional or personal life: I just feel stuck. Have you said this to yourself lately?

Stuck on a loop. In your thoughts. In your professional life. In your personal life.

I don’t feel excited, or motivated, or inspired. I just feel stuck.

If this sounds like you, I bet you are frustrated because you’ve been feeling this way for a while.

What if I could give you a quick win so you can get unstuck? Read on because I’m about to let you in on a little secret.

The language you are using is keeping you stuck. In fact, it’s the number 1 thing that you are doing right now that’s preventing you from moving forward.

1. Use positive self-talk


Let’s talk about negative self-talk because it’s highly likely the language you are using in your mind is the key factor that keeps you stuck.

And the impact is profound. Not just at work, but also in your personal life.

Have you heard yourself say:

  • Don’t do that
  • Stop complaining
  • Why can’t we stop arguing?
  • Why do I always get it wrong?
  • Why can’t I stop being scared?
  • Why am I still stuck?

Feeling stuck, helpless, powerless, and frustrated – and unlikely to get the results you truly desire?


How to turn your negative “feeling stuck” self-talk into positive self-talk:

  • Your language creates your experience. Start using positive and empowering words of encouragement.
  • Choose your language to match the experience you want to have.
  • State it as you want it, not as you don’t want it. For example, instead of saying “I feel frustrated and stuck”, turn it into a positive of how you actually want to feel: “I feel free and empowered by my choices.”


EXERCISE: Ask these questions

  • Please tell me what you do want.
  • How can we do this better?
  • How can I improve?
  • How can I become more courageous?


2. Focus on your behaviour


Have you ever stopped to look at your unconscious and conscious behaviour?

Did you know the majority of our day is spent operating unconsciously? Most of the day, we are on autopilot.

Think about where your attention is during the day; are you focused on the moment, and fully present? Or are you unconsciously moving through your day, not present at all?

If you are the latter, you are not alone, the majority of people live their lives this way. But the good news is that you can change this behaviour.


3. How to change your thoughts and behaviour (especially if you are feeling stuck right now!)


If you are ready to move from feeling stuck in any aspect of your life to feel empowered and living your best life, read on!

Wanting to be more aware and become a better version of yourself is the key to getting yourself unstuck.

And it’s all about mindfulness practices.

  • Nothing will change if you don’t change: You have to want your situation to change before it actually will. That’s the first decision you have to make.If the thought of this makes you feel even more anxious and stressed – come back to your why and your purpose. Why do you want to change your situation?
  • Stop running on empty: Life is too short to be pulled in all directions… to live your life feeling fulfilled, you must come back to your greater purpose; for yourself, your team, and your loved ones. When you can do this, everything will start to change.


Stop feeling stuck and make a decision to live your best life today


If you are feeling stuck in life, there are three things you can do right now:

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