The power of gratitude to manage fear

Fear … it’s all around us now … which is quite normal in times of extreme upheaval…however it’s escalating, and we’re bombarded by it in the media globally.

It’s easy to buy into when we see lines of people outside supermarkets and it’s easy to get sucked into that vortex. However, supermarkets are remaining open. Shelves are being restocked.

Keeping fear resourceful

So how can we keep fear at a resourceful level?

A little bit of fear keeps us growing and evolving on a normal day as we strive in our careers, relationships and pursue our health and fitness to live long lives. Fear is one of our emotions. It either serves us in a resourceful or unresourceful way.


The power of gratitude

One of the best ways of managing fear that has been researched extensively in psychology and neuroscience is the power of gratitude.

For me, I’m grateful every day to be alive and kicking! As you may know, my husband lost his life to cancer. He really wanted to live and there was nothing we could do to prevent the inevitable. One way of combating your fear is to reflect on how lucky you are to simply be alive! There is always someone worse off.

Our days are made up of moments. Moments with a loved one, moments with a friend even if they are virtual catch ups these days! Aren’t we lucky to have the internet and the ability to connect? Social distancing is not socially disconnecting.

Now more than ever I am full of gratitude for our digital age.



Uncertainty is always a part of life and we adapt and modify our behaviour accordingly.

What’s different about the current situation is that it’s acute. It’s global and it’s intensified very quickly.

Understandably there is a time of transition.

How quickly we adjust depends on our narrative or internal dialogue.


Your Internal Dialogue

Are you living a narrative that exacerbates fear?

Or one that settles the fear you are feeling?

Bring your perspective right back to the here and now.

In this very moment, are you present?

What are you grateful for?

Choose something that settles you. That recentres who you are at your core.

Breathe deeply.


As unnerving as this global pandemic is, we’re going to come out the other side more resilient and stronger.

The more you cast your fear into the future, the more fear you will feel. It’s a projection.

Ask yourself are you moving forward with your eyes wide shut or are you ready to stop right here, right now and change your relationship with fear?

As we face a changing external world, how are you dealing with your internal world?


See this adversity as an opportunity to get to know yourself at a deeper level.

And ask yourself daily, what am I grateful for?

Small changes can make a big difference.