How to increase efficiency, enhance relationships, find clarity and make better decisions

QUESTION: Did 2021 start the way you had hoped? Or is it time to align your personal and professional lives and create the success you truly want?


Would you like to know the secret to success? It’s getting to know yourself through behavioural profiling.


Have you ever wondered how some people just get everything they want and dream about, are confident in their decisions and have absolute clarity about what direction they are headed – while you are stuck feeling, well, stuck in a rut?


Knowing more about yourself and why you do the things you do will help you understand how to always be moving forward to transform your life.


If 2021 is about increasing your efficiency, enhancing your relationships, finding clarity, and making better decisions – read on!


What is behavioural profiling?


Do you know someone who likes to interrupt?

Do you know someone who puts people at ease?

How about someone who likes to proceed cautiously?

Or someone who is ordered and loves detail?


These are all traits of different behavioural styles. Behavioural profiling, specifically, Extended DISC®.


Behavioural profiling will help understand your strengths, development areas, what motivates and demotivates you, and also how best to communicate. (Source: HR Profiling Solutions)


Any tool that allows us to enhance our understanding of each other is an asset; personally, and professionally because it increases:

✔ self-awareness,

✔ trust, and

✔ communication.

… and that’s a great tool and strategy to have in your life.


Why is behavioural profiling important?


Knowing and understanding certain traits allows you to understand and play to your strengths especially in a role, at home, and in a relationship.

What I love about this is the depth of information a report provides and the flexibility it offers.

The theory equips you with a better understanding of your own and other people’s behaviour.


You will discover:


✔ Your natural vs non-natural style (that is what you do unconsciously versus what takes conscious effort)

✔ Your communication style and how you interact with others

✔ Your decision-making process

✔ Options to develop in directions that were previously difficult to access

How can you understand more about yourself through behavioural profiling tools?


Do an Extended DISC® test. With the Extended DISC® behavioral profiling tool, now you too can improve your performance in your personal life and at work.

Extended DISC® Theory will help you learn how to adjust your behaviour to be even more effective in any situation, and avoid unnecessary problems in communication. It helps you to chart your life on to a better suited, more enjoyable, and successful path.

What you need to know about Extended DISC®:

  • Extended DISC ® Questionnaire is a self-evaluation based on a forced-choice checklist with 24 sections that ask the user to score the statement that is most and least like them.
  • Extended DISC® produces a conscious profile (based on your non-natural adapted way of surviving and thriving in your current situation in work or life) and unconscious profile (your natural energy style, which is how you naturally present to your world when you are unaware of or do not feel the need to change or adapt).
  • It has 160 variables in the report and is useful for predicting behaviour, motivation, avoidant behaviour, decision-making style and communication style in people.
  • EDISC® is a behavioural assessment tool and not a psychometric or personality profiling tool like Myers Briggs. EDISC® is also validated and updated every 2 years, unlike other profiling tools.


Want to know how to get started?


  1. Schedule a Discovery call – The Extended DISC® assessment is offered as a one-off or as a part of my PurposeFULL Professional program. Let’s map out a plan to help you move past your challenges and into your best life. Then we can discuss what it would look like to work together in my 3-month program The PurposeFULL Professional. Book your call here.
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