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What is Coaching?

What is coaching and do I really need it as a busy professional?


What do Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have in common?


You’re right! They are all world-class tennis champions. And how do you think they became champions? They worked with a sports coach to achieve their professional and sporting goals and aspirations.


Did you also know, Serena Williams has been coached by world-famous coach and speaker Tony Robbins?


  • Coaching isn’t only for the elite or the wealthy, or even sports stars, in fact, successful corporate professionals also use coaches as a means to achieve their biggest life and career goals and aspirations.


As an industry and a profession, “life coaching” came into existence in the 1980s as an extension of sports coaching. It is widely acknowledged that Thomas Leonard, an American financial planner, was the first person to develop coaching as a profession. (Source: www.lifecoachingprofessionally.com)


However, John Whitmore, the co-founder of Performance Consultants International – a provider of coaching, leadership development and performance improvement in the workplace globally – played a huge part too. As did Tony Robbins, and many others.


Business owners have had access to business coaches for 40+ years, but it’s still a relatively new concept for busy professionals. In the past, you may have had a mentor, someone in the same organisation or industry with more experience than you.


However, many people often don’t feel they can be themselves or share their true career desires with another colleague, which is where a coach and an objective voice can help.


Just like the tennis pros, you can also have a professional coach, someone to help keep you on track and moving forward towards your goals and new levels of development.


What is coaching?


According to John Whitmore, a forward thinker in leadership development and organizational change, “coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes. It delivers results in large measure because of the supportive relationship between the coach and the coachee, and the means and style of communication used. The coachee does acquire the facts, not from the coach but from within himself, stimulated by the coach. Of course, the objective of improving performance is paramount”.


While coaching for professionals is still new, you may be skeptical, and that’s fair. However, if you look at the facts, those who work with a coach are generally more successful, happier and living with purpose.


Studies show those who use coaches see:

    • Improved executive productivity (reported by 53% of executives).
    • Enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships (>70%).
    • Improved teamwork (67%).
    • Improved peer-to-peer working relationships (63%).
    • Great job satisfaction (52%).

(Source: www.rhythmsystems.com)

Did you know: The Harvard Business Review, states that coaching borrows traits from both consulting and therapy?




Coaching focuses on the future, it fosters individual performance and helps executives discover their own path (Source: Harvard Business Review)


In all, coaching is about maximising your own potential and performance to learn more about what makes you YOU and facilitates a journey to better understand yourself, what you need and what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life.


Whether we label it coaching, advising, counseling or mentoring, if done well, its effectiveness will depend in large measure on the manager’s beliefs about human potential.” – John Whitmore

Why do I need a coach and why is it important?


While a coach can help keep you on track and moving forward towards your goals and new levels of achievement, there are other benefits of having a coach and participating in a personal and professional development program.


        • Your self-awareness increases.
        • You discover what lights you up, your values and your beliefs.
        • You align with what’s important to you and you begin designing life on your terms to achieve lasting fulfilment.
        • You discover what lies within and what makes you uniquely you.


How to get the most out of working with a coach


1. Write down how you are feeling, start journaling, keep these notes and take them to your coaching session.

2. Go for a walk and be present in the moment – start to think about what matters to you and how you would like to see your life and career in the future.

3. Meditate – before bed to get into the habit of letting go of your wandering mind that is preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. When you have a clear head, you can make better decisions about what you truly want.

4. Find a great coach: Getting a coach will help you take control of your life, so you start living on purpose, doing what you love, so you don’t burn out. Together, you will move forward with someone to help guide you, while you learn the tools and strategies to take you to the next level of achievement in your personal and professional life.


Take charge of your life and live life on your terms


For many years now, I’ve explored personal development, growth, and a success-oriented mindset to live life fully with no regrets. Life is short and you never know what’s around the corner.


I lost my husband to cancer when he was 44 years old. After releasing the grief I felt, I reassessed my own life and took a different path to establish my coaching business.


I didn’t want to continue doing work that didn’t serve my purpose any more.
And you shouldn’t have to either.


I now help professionals who feel pulled in all directions get back on track, feel in control again and reconnect with what matters most, positively impacting their lives and those around them.

If you are running on empty heading for burnout, let this year be the year you take back control and start living with more purpose.

The PurposeFULL Professional is a 3-month coaching program for busy professionals who are ready to align their personal and professional lives to be more, do more, and give more.


Right now you may feel lost, stressed, frustrated, unmotivated, or even anxious – and this leaves you feeling powerless to make necessary and real change.


Right now you may feel stuck and unable to make those changes, however by the end of my 12-week PurposeFULL Professional program, you will:


  • Have clarity to make the big decisions you’ve been procrastinating on
  • Have clearly defined goals
  • Feel more fulfilled in your personal and professional life
  • Have work-life balance and better relationships at home and work
  • Start living the life you desire and have more success on your terms


Take charge and book a 15-minute qualifying call here so I can understand more about you and your goals and if we are the right fit for each other.

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